Place to work.
And eat.
And have fun.
And rest after work.
New man's best friend.
Dude, this morning i watched that YouTube clip! Then I went to job, did some stuff in Word, and later that evening i watched a movie on my computer. I don't love my dog anymore.
by HastaLaVistaBaby October 17, 2012
The perfect place for sexual innuendos
1) Yeah. Everytime I come home from work I really turn on my computer.
2) When my sister is finished with her homework I go someplace quiet and get on my computer.
3) I had plenty of money, so I went out and got a pimped out computer. She cost $3100 and she was worth every penny.
4) My computer is do damn hot, I had to go to the store and buy a fan to preserve everything else in my life.
by Brawldud December 19, 2011
Computers help us get our daily dose of porn and free movies and games from Newgrounds
Without the computer we wouldnt be able to make video games like Halo, Half-Life or Voodoo Vince
by James Lowe November 01, 2004
Something you can teach your kid with and also look at porn.
He is on the computer.
by Why May 06, 2003
An excellent tool for completing several tasks, and multi-tasking. Allows you to get work done very quickly, and make it look great. Also used for gaming, research, online chat, and other forms of communication. Usually a problem-free machine that won't give you hassle unless you're using Windows. (I thought i'd make a definition for Macintosh computers)
Man i love this computer, i got my entire project done in 20 minutes! And while i was doing it, i was listening to my favorite music and chatting with my friends.

PC User: Oh sweet, yeah i tried to finish it last night but i got a virus, and had to reinstall my operating system.
by Matthew Gill February 08, 2006
You people are idiots, its not the computer that causes errors, its the operating system. Now all you ignorant people go back to your trailer, and work for a Billionare Geek.
After High School, those who have the most money are popular, those who barly make a living, are the losers who pollute the air and shop at IGA or SafeWay.

by XIAO October 24, 2003
Your best Friend, the protector of Alpha Complex. Disagreeing is treason.
See also, dictator
Citizen, is the computer your friend?
by Phil-U-INN July 20, 2005

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