Man's famous tool for emulating God.
You can do pretty much anything you want with a computer, like God, but the computer also has free will, God's gift to humans, so it could suddenly crash if it wanted to.
by T Hizzle May 27, 2005
A high tech masturbation receptacle which can also be used to place orders for the destruction of decaying murder/rape victim's carcasses through the internet.
I sure wish I had more computer.
by Mr. Internet VII March 18, 2004
A device used for hacking into peoples' lives.
Please see
Using, I found out what Aimi did last night.
by BionicLeggsriffic October 13, 2004
The most frustrating thing that costs you money when ever it breaks.
Guy: Dude i just found out that my comp has 33 viruses

Guy2: Dude your looking at too much porn
by Nick Valadao July 26, 2004
A plastic hunk of shit that pisses off everyone it comes in contact with to no avail. It is the biggest waste of money a person could ever fall victim to, and every nerd who would defend this invention should be shot directly through their temple so as not to miss and leave them paralysed (because even paralysed people can cause problemsStephen Hawkins).
This piece of shit (computer) just crashed, and I lost my entire essay. I fucking hate this pile of fucking shit.
by Ibetyoujustcalledmearacist February 03, 2006
Are you serious???

lllllll lllllll lllllll
Example: What are you using right now?
by Jag III November 14, 2004
a genius! an object smarter than your boyfriend, can give you more pleasure and doesn't answer back. relationships can be formed on it and whenever you get bord of it, there is a handy on/off switch

can also mean smart
that's just computer dude
by danikins May 14, 2004

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