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a very, very expensive punching bag
Work with me! *Crack* stupid computer! Gonna punch the life out of you!
by gusto5 May 29, 2004
a giant box filled with electrical pathways and boards to release secret airborne chemicals to make us addicted to the computer frequency thus causing high electrical bills
wow. look at 10 computers! wow! look at my bill! 45 grand!
by gusto5 April 08, 2004
A cover-up by the members of the faculty of sciences to create large amounts of illegal drug substances, such at Methamphetamine, Heroine, and many others. Students who discover such secrets are subjected to the Liquid Nitrogen Torture.
"Wow! That's a whole lot of Meth Ice!"
"Yea, and we have to pour liquid nitrogen on you now"
"yea...welcome to the Real University"
#methamphetamine #heroine #school #professors #faculty #sciences #chemistry #nitrogen
by gusto5 March 06, 2006
Thought to be of extremely high value, well before the 14th century. Often confused with gold, in terms of value when bartering for other merchandise at local market hubs. Only the pirates were experts on knowing the difference.
Argh there matey! what say me give you this ounce of cheese for your clothes?
#cheese #pirate #gold #value #market
by gusto5 March 06, 2006
Anything that can be digested within a mammalian digestive tract that will but the digestive tract to use, in order to send the "full" signal to the brain to stop hunger.
Did you have any food?
Yea. I had some mac and cheese out of my fridge. It was a bit mouldy, but it did its job.
by gusto5 October 16, 2004
1artistic, full of energy, with taste and vigor

2fast, light-feeted movement made my and individual
The Theif was gusto as he crept around and attacked his victim so fast, the victim didnt was knocked out without even opening their eyes.
by gusto5 October 16, 2004
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