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A very hypocritical state of affairs which affects everyone involved in it (usually negatively). Society teaches us that everyone should be independent- yet those that are become disillusioned, eventually learning that they would have been better off selling out to fit in with everyone else, to avoid the discrimination and prejudice of sharing views contrary to that of the majority. Society also teaches us that we have rights and freedom- in reality, we only have the freedom to obey the standards society sets for us, otherwise we are wrongfully discriminated against once we begin to challenge the standards in question. Society tells us that we should be proud of who we are- yet somehow if we dont look above average, then we are prejudiced against for not looking acceptable and taking pride in our appearance. Society also tells us that we should be respectful, nice and have manners towards to each other- yet those that do eventually realise that they will receive no merit for doing so, as the people who eschew this standard get all the perks, and the genuinely decent person draws the short straw for not being assertive enough in trying to get what they want. Society is also influenced by all the forces that corrupt humanity- war, money, religion, the media etcetera because of the number of people that can be manipulated from those that manage these forces.
To all those that say we should give back to society, I say this: society is making your children obese and anorexic, and making them have adult ideas at an age they should enjoy being a kid. Society thinks the ideal way to cure someone of commiting an offence is to lock them up in a cell for a long period of time, despite the fact most criminals end up re-offending once released. Society believes that it is still necessary to arrest people for marijuana possession, despite the fact the laws against it from a scientific standpoint are laughable, and that experiencing substances is human nature, and no form of prohibition against them will prevent people from doing so. So in short, society is a system which aims to unite the masses, but instead ends up alienating the very people it brings together. My advice? FUCK SOCIETY
by Firelovesugar September 03, 2010
Plain and simple: sex under the influence of acid- or LSD for the scientific term.
Gary and Susan were in for a shock when they found out their teenage acid sex sessions created
a child capable of bending his perception at will :P
by Firelovesugar January 16, 2009
A killer psychedelic rock song by guitar legend Jimi Hendrix. Has been described as the greatest guitar anthem of all time, and was also voted number 101 on Rolling Stone's Greatest Songs of All Time poll. Has one of the most awe inspiring guitar solo's ever procured, and is also one of the most difficult songs to learn because of its profound intricacy. Some of the best versions of the song are the Woodstock, Berkeley, and Albert Hall performances, although generally the Woodstock performance is considered to be Jimi Hendrix's magnum opus. As if the Electric Ladyland version is good enough... the Woodstock version is of epic status, complete with mind- bending improvisations and an ending to leave you speechless. The song is often confused with Hendrix's blues jam, Voodoo Chile... hence the bracketed 'Slight Return' title added to the song on most recordings. Probably the greatest rock song ever made. R.I.P Hendrix :(
"Cuz I'm a voodoo child... god don't stop a voodoo child, BABY!"
by Firelovesugar May 08, 2009
A truly great guitarist and member of the rock duo The White Stripes (which he formed along with Meg White), The Raconteurs and The Dead Weather. Jack's skills on guitar and penchant for the Digitech Whammy use during his solos, combined with Meg's simple yet effective drumming capture a very primal sound, immersed in the bands unique punk/blues fusion. Has an appreciation (along with Meg) for the Dutch art movement De Stijl, which influenced the trademark colour scheme and dynamics of the bands music and on-stage appearence. Also demonstrates that less is more is still a valid technical standpoint. He is also a talented songwriter, and is quite possibly the modern equivalent of the guitar gods of old, frequently being ranked as one of the greatest guitar players of recent times. Long live Jack White :)
Q: What's black, white and red all over?
A: Jack White!
by Firelovesugar July 20, 2010
A state of mind brought on by experiencing a different state of consciousness- mostly through vast changes in perception, senses and thought patterns. Tripping is usually experienced through the use of psychedelic drugs such as LSD, mescaline, and psilocybin- but can also be experienced naturally as well. This is because psychedelic drugs are supposed to break down the filters of the mind i.e 'thought at large' which are believed to eliminate unnecessary thought patterns. Because the mind (including the alleged filters) were not fully developed in youth, tripping could sometimes happen naturally as a result. And if you don't believe me or think it's impossible, then read the example... you'll know what I'm talking about :)
When I was younger, the world seemed a more vibrant place. It was much easier to daydream or lose myself in my thoughts, or imagine things as though they were real. Music felt really alive, as though it connected with me somehow, and I could spend hours following every crevice in the pavement on the way home from school... where now I couldn't care less. That is how I viewed the world as a child... but having matured since then those abilities have been lost as a result. Tripping makes you more aware of all the details that pass us by- and whether it's through drugs or natural causes, tripping is a great way to realize all the finer things around us that we normally take for granted :)
by Firelovesugar May 14, 2009
A phrase that if spoken to you means one thing:
The person who said it does not deserve to have you as a friend because they cannot overcome their own ignorance.
Guy: So do you want to go out with me?
Girl: It's a nice thought but I'd rather we were just friends...
(at this point guy starts walking away)
Girl: Where are you going?
Guy: I'm doing you a favour, we both know that I'm better for you than any of your so- called boyfriends- I'm not going to give you the satisfaction of running to me when it falls apart...
(sometime later the girl's boyfriend cheats on her, she learns a lesson, but will go back to dating equally ignorant people)

If anyone ever says this to you, walk away: you deserve better even if it means letting them go...
by Firelovesugar May 05, 2011
From what it means and symbolises in our culture today, 'modern' music is nothing more than commercialised crap worshipped by those that cant comprehend the effort put into REAL music. Modern music is often the work of fat greedy managers churning out the sassy stylised crap in the hopes of increasing their bank balance. On the other hand, you could see it as a global conspiracy wherein the government is acting through the music industry to prevent bands who could deliver important social messages and revolutionary ideas from ever being successful and putting the control of the masses via the government in jeopardy. Your choice. Modern music described in the form above usually appeared after late 2006, and the only bands that dont fall into this category include bands who either started off before the 21st century and have remained successful to this day, or a few notable exceptions such as MGMT, Beach House, and a few other decent bands I have yet to discover. Unfortunately, the current music scene will continue to churn out this garbage and drown out decent bands who could bring forth a new musical revolution etcetera... so unfortunately for now, its here to stay :'(
Dont you just wish music today was made by bombed out rock stars high on drugs with tons of groupies instead of shitty corporate whores and managers who are only in it for the financial gain... pity the underdog, for modern music represents the latter :/
by Firelovesugar August 10, 2010

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