A word that descirbes a females lips. A lot like DSL which stands for dick sucking lips. A girl that is comcastic can also have DSL.
That chick is comcastic.

Wow, just imagine what she can do with those comcastic lips.
by Dukesford February 06, 2006
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An overt sexual display, usually in front of a large audience or children ( like the porn clip during Super Bowl 42 in the Tucson area on the Comcast feed )
"How was the bonfire?"
"It was fun, but Tom and Sarah were there, so it was pretty comcastic"

"What did you think of the movie?"
"It was a little comcastic for the kids"
by MCH_AZ February 07, 2009
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When an ISP is being shitty, spotty, or fucks you over without lubing or putting on a condom first, then you get ISP-STDs, AKA the Comcasts. It's similar to the aftermath of an interracial three way in the back of some fat gay dude's RV.
My life is Comcastic :( - Why? - I keep getting fucked by my internet service provider.

My ISP promised it to be (this fast! super fast!) but I'm only getting about 10% of it. My internet is Comcastic! :(
by rreighe2 July 08, 2016
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