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Describes something that is not merely horribly, horribly bad, but actively offensive in some universal way. The worst possible kind of idea that a human being can conceive.
I predict that in the next Comcast commercial, Adolf Hitler will be shilling products at a synagogue. That's Comcastic!
by carpainterly May 14, 2007
An event that is, in a fundamental way, Comcastic.
A car crash is tragic. A twenty-car pileup, more so. But a twenty-car pileup involving just clown cars... now that's a Comcastrophe.
by carpainterly May 14, 2007
A subversive who never comes under suspicion, because he/she has already risen to the top position of the organization he/she intends to subvert. A secret turncoat of the highest level.
The Popes who ordered the Crusades were really just clericutioners. Whatever happened to 'thou shalt not kill'?

Did you hear that Mark Foley exploited children while chairing the Committee for Exploited Children? What a clericutioner.
by carpainterly May 14, 2007

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