fraud frawd noun
1. deceit, trickery, or breach of confidence, perpetrated for profit or to gain some unfair or dishonest advantage.
Open Internet Coalition executive director Markham Erickson in a statement. "If Comcast doesn't change its behavior, the word 'Comcastic' is going to become a synonym for fraud."
by redsmokescigs February 20, 2008
The horrible inverse of fantastic.
"I was on hold with Tech Support for half an hour when I finally got through. After explaining the problem my VOIP went out. COMcastic."
by BradWheat March 13, 2007
Originally thought by many to be a synonym to fantastic in terms of cable & internet providers.

(Note that the information above is as far from true as a furby is from becoming a threat to national security)

The correct definition follows:

All that is utter shit in reliability and quality. Mainly focusing on but not limited to: a certain cable company who happens to repair its internet servers every 20 minutes, causing users to become mentally insane within hours; who also rarely broadcasts decent movies on its 900+ channels (only 100 or so of which are accessible without paying $200/mo); and who claims to run its service using a mercury-like substance which, when touched, causes erratically, unrealistically fast movement. Also see comcast, comcastrophe, bombcast.

shitty, not pwnage, crap, unreliable, sucky, pointless existence

reliable, good service, pwnage
-Comcast blows, my damn internet is down again *punches modem*
-Aw shit, I stepped in high speed! *smashes through wall, then runs into a rusty steel fence in back yard*
-Fuck, now I'm gonna sue them cause they made me run into a fence that impaled me through the spine AND made me get rust poisoning! It's comcastic!
by DrkRatchet105 April 12, 2008
an adjective describing an experience with a cable provider that is so terrible, no other adjective will suffice.
The cable installer came late, stayed 3 hours but didn't successfully fix anything, and texted me repeatedly after he left, soliciting sex and pleading "just one night, you won't regret it or forget it." It was comcastic.
by lildebbie261 August 19, 2008
A trade-word coined by the cable company Comcast.

definition 1: deceitful
definition 2: despicable
Mike: Man, f*ck Comcast!
Ike: I know, man, it's comcastic!


Sun: Man, F*ck the coal industry!
Wind: I know, man, it's comcastic!
by crnnchls February 09, 2010
How I feel as a technician who serves Comcast customers after reading alternate definitions of "comcastic".
Hey, you know what makes me feel like a total prick? the fact the word comcastic is in any way associated with me. Isn't that just fucking comcastic?
by plzdonmakemeh8myself_anymore September 02, 2012
An overt sexual display, usually in front of a large audience or children ( like the porn clip during Super Bowl 42 in the Tucson area on the Comcast feed )
"How was the bonfire?"
"It was fun, but Tom and Sarah were there, so it was pretty comcastic"

"What did you think of the movie?"
"It was a little comcastic for the kids"
by MCH_AZ February 07, 2009
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