A faggot that thinks he's really cool but mostly hated by everyone around him
person 1: that guy is such a Colin

Person 1: I know I can't stand him
by Erik smite July 11, 2016
Sexiest of the sexy and is the awesomest of the awesomest. Everyone wants him because they are very smart and are good at sports golf basketball etc. He is kind and Denys his great looks.All the girls want him I have never met a gay Colin they don't jump to conclusions with girls and waits for the right one that is my idea of a Colin .
Girl one- man Colin is so SEXY Girl two- I wish he would ask me out
by Hfjehxhfheehjf September 01, 2016
A person considered to be a muppet or chump like in nature. Derived from Mr C. Hump aka Colin Hump
What a Colin
by Bro's and So's May 27, 2016
A huge Manwhore whos gonna get herpes by kissing Hallie; a really annoying bitch also reffered to as a mop with makeup on. colin is also a blond hair wanna be bigshot
Wow that guy dated 4 Girls this month, What a Colin]
by ZekeWalsh May 20, 2015
Colin, well Colin is a perfect human being, he has gorgeous face freckles and thick brown hair and big brown eyes that just make you feel safe, his caring personality just draws you in. not many people get to see his soft side, only people named Madison Martin. he is not afraid to fight for anyone he loves, so dont get him mad, he is a wonderful person who is very open and truthful. Colin is a very amazing guy that makes the best boyfriend and will be an even better husband, but you will never have a chance with Colin Durand-Scott, you will have to settle for some other guy who will never even compete with my Colin Durand-Scott. i love him so much, i thought you all needed to know! <3
Colin is gonna marry me someday!
by adisonm artinm July 23, 2014
A skinhead haircut that has been allowed to grow to a shabby length, to the level where the hair is poking over the ears. It is the same length all over in most places, leading to a general look of untidiness.

First came from a boy called "Lee Colins", a boy from a poor family who always got his head shaved every couple of months to cure his headlice infestation. However, in between cuts it would grow to shabby proportions, and his foul attitude has led for this insult to be his legacy.
"Copey man, sort that hair out!"

"There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs cut!"

"Well get it done then, you can't walk round school with a Colins, you puff!"
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005
smart. spends most of his time procrastinating or putting off school work until at least 3 days after it is due. has a unhealthy relationship with his hair and refuses to cut it until it passes nipple length. Also can be afflicted with a rare disease called DENT. which refers to a cereal bowl built into his chest.
MOM - goodness gracious child stop eating cereal, cut your hair, and start your homework you are such a colin!
by Big Dr January 08, 2008
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