A colin a fat lazy kid who plays videogames 24/7. His usual obsession would be with gun games such as cod or possibly the odd fifa. All he would talk about is being hungry and say how hes getting a take away tonight EVERYDAY!!
If hes not at that he would be complaining about something and almost crying over it. But deep down hes an alright kid..
Guy1: Coming out?
Guy 2: Can't
Guy1: Thats such a colin thing, let me guess your playing cod?

Guy1: Wua?
Guy2: Cod wbu
Guy1: You colin you!!!
by BigBoiT April 27, 2011
Another term for the word homosexual. To be used in everyday conversation.
Guy: I just love to go shopping!!!
Girl: You're so Colin!
by Yonepa January 17, 2011
Means boy in irish. Famous people include: Colin Farrell, Colin Mokery (whose line), and colin a character on everwood.
Irish person: Hey there colin!
Colin: Hey how'd you know my name!?!?!?
by Colleen May 28, 2003
Peice of crap, idoit. yes i am talking to you colin.
Peice of crap, idoit. yes i am talking to you colin.
by mena363 September 08, 2010
Someone who has a beaver penis.

John: "Look at that tiny beaver penis!"

Colin: "Fuckin pussies!"
by Thomas and Bridget M March 14, 2009
A male jerk who can't make up his mind about which girl he likes more and then subsequently end up breaking one of their hearts (usually the less slutty one).

Colin's often think they are supreme because they are musically inclined even if they really, truly, suck.
That guy Colin was a self absorbed jerk, forget him.
by Jollyjanewhodliketoslapzane July 21, 2009
a male, or in some cultures a female whom hangs out with your group of friends, yet nobody likes, usually if ditched or abandoned uses his/her radar senses to find you again. can be frightening when standing too close.
Man 1:oh crap fuckin' colins coming.
Man 2: shit i thought we ditched him how could he have found us.
Man 3: He has Colin senses...he always knows.
Colin: hey whats up guys?
Man 1: wow! where did you come from you were just over...oh.
by ddgirl October 22, 2008
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