The sweetest, cutest guy you will ever meet. Usually they don't know how handsome they are, and have no idea when girls like them. They set their heart on the love of their life and are loyal to a fault. Colin's are generally amazing musicians and usually play guitar. Colin's are also good at sports and pretty smart. They are good friends and better boyfriends since they are very romantic.
Girl 1: Guys! Colin likes me!
Girl 2: That hot guy from math?
Girl 1: Yeah! He asked me out!
Girl 2: You're so lucky! I want to fuck him so hard!
by Merissa_cartwell January 24, 2015
When a person defecates on people's furniture and/or pets. The worst of the worst when it comes to feces related subjects/
" Jim's gonna by hela-pissed when he founds out what I did"

" What did you do."

" I took a Colin on his mother's couch!"

"You sick son of a bitch."
by The Master Collin Maker March 20, 2013
A person who is way better and more attractive than anyone named Collin or Ethan. A man who is amazing in bed. He also has a bigger dick than anyone named Ethan but that's not saying much because it's a well known fact that all Ethan's have small little baby dicks. Colins also smell good.
Jenny: "wow I just hooked up with Colin last night and it was so fun"
Julie: "oh you lucky bitch I've been looking for a Colin forever"
by Colie-waffle March 20, 2014
A boy who is very very salty
The Colin got very salty when he had no can am atv.
by Bro50 March 28, 2015
A huge Manwhore whos gonna get herpes by kissing Hallie; a really annoying bitch also reffered to as a mop with makeup on. colin is also a blond hair wanna be bigshot
Wow that guy dated 4 Girls this month, What a Colin]
by ZekeWalsh May 20, 2015
Colin is a guy who instantly becomes number 1 in your heart. He is caring and loving and sweet and is worth holding on to forever. If you meet a Colin than you should feel very special because this is one special guy. Never take for time with Colin for granted because Colin is worth every second you give him. He is always there for you and is very encouraging. Easy to depend on and relate to, he is attracts friends. His personality makes anyone smile and everyday you see him it makes your heart happy. He is beautiful in every single way, not to mention the fact that he super attractive. He has amazing hair and is really smart and considerate and is very reliable. He is the most wonderful person you will EVER meet. Hold on to him! He is a GREAT musician as well! He is so talented, he's just as close to perfect as anyone could get.
Sara: "That guy is sweet like Clark Kent and sexy like superman, who is that?"

Maddie: "Oh he must be a colin"

Lizzie: "I just met the most wonderful person in the entire world, his name was Colin"

Julie: "I wish he liked me, he's too amazing"
by One who loves Colin! <3 June 24, 2013
A skinhead haircut that has been allowed to grow to a shabby length, to the level where the hair is poking over the ears. It is the same length all over in most places, leading to a general look of untidiness.

First came from a boy called "Lee Colins", a boy from a poor family who always got his head shaved every couple of months to cure his headlice infestation. However, in between cuts it would grow to shabby proportions, and his foul attitude has led for this insult to be his legacy.
"Copey man, sort that hair out!"

"There is nothing wrong with it, it just needs cut!"

"Well get it done then, you can't walk round school with a Colins, you puff!"
by Giles2112 April 14, 2005

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