The stacker beast!
It's not stacked until Colin stacks it.
by Haley Cushman August 28, 2008
Some refer to as "Colin" but most people call him the Protector of the universe. Legends have it that he could beat the great Zeus in a arm wrestle without even breaking a sweat. He is the one who banished the Titans, and some even say his best friends are Jesus Christ, and Chuck Norris. If you run into this man thank him for banishing evil demons from this planet and vanquishing all evil from your land. He is one man you don't want to mess with.
"Oh shit, I slept with Colin's women"
" Your S.O.L."
by Battery00 January 05, 2012
the greatest guy i know and someone i liked for a while. colin is usually a hotttt, athletic, musical, mysterious guy, with an interesting sense of humor. he's usually really sweet, and there when you need him. he can be really polite and he's obviously cool. oh and just about all girls like him at some point in time. but he's the best kind of friend
by texangirl:) March 10, 2011
Someone who is named Colin usually has beautiful blue eyes, a gorgeous shade of brown/blonde hair, and is very tall and slim. He has a little bit of musical talent, and is very popular with the ladies. Every girl is in love with him because of his blue eyes and his mysterious personality. He is usually quiet, but talks a lot with his friends. When you get to know him, he isn't as shy. He also keeps to himself unless he knows you. He is also an excellent dresser, and is SUPER classy. He knows how to present himself. You will never forget him once you see him because he is so interesting. He's usually older than you and knows how to steal your heart. Bottom line is..... once you see him, you'll fall in love. Then all you want to do is try to get to know him.
Friend 1: Did you see that guy named Colin the other day?
Friend 2: Yes! He is so gorgeous and classy!
Friend 1: I need to get to know him.
Friend 2: Me too!
by Alter Ego April 19, 2013
colin, even from the very start of knowing him, will be one of the most amazing boys you shall meet. Kind, Funny and ticking every box the more you know him, the more you like him, any guy, or girl, is very lucky to be with him, seeing as he is hench and by far has the coolest hair, and great kisser :3 so yeah, colins amazing! <3,

colin usaully has a 9 inch penis
Colin is The ELITE liam
by bree12341234 November 23, 2012
A very intelligent young male/female of Greek descent. Their ego can be incredible at times, but deep down they are a good and loyal person. Usually quite talented at acrobatics, but not at card games, such as poker.

Coming from the Celtic or Greek "Colin", which means "youth" or "child".
"he's intelligent, but he sure sucks ass at poker"
"yeah, what a colin"
by XY2009 February 07, 2010
The sweetest, cutest guy you will ever meet. Usually they don't know how handsome they are, and have no idea when girls like them. They set their heart on the love of their life and are loyal to a fault. Colin's are generally amazing musicians and usually play guitar. Colin's are also good at sports and pretty smart. They are good friends and better boyfriends since they are very romantic.
Girl 1: Guys! Colin likes me!
Girl 2: That hot guy from math?
Girl 1: Yeah! He asked me out!
Girl 2: You're so lucky! I want to fuck him so hard!
by Merissa_cartwell January 24, 2015

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