Usually male who suffers from greats amount of stress from the continuous mispronunciation of the name, and often referred to the second to last part of the digestive system: COLON.
Name often chosen for very pale Caucasians who end up looking like shrimp first time out in the sun every summer.
Hey Colin, dude, i think you need some sunscreen.
by cockgobbler1 March 01, 2007
the process of getting ate out.
I love getting colin!
by Beckyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy December 22, 2010
Adj. A Usually reference to Music.
Also used to describe a type of hug that can boost happiness, encourage drunkeness and help beat depression (not medically proven). Equal in strength to a Jesus Hug

"His music taste is just...well, Colin."
"Damn, I've had a hard day, I could really do with a Colin"
by digital_bannana November 15, 2005
Pronounced "Call-in"

A name originated by two separate civilizations, the Greeks and the Gaels neither having contact with the other while the languages were being developed.
In Greek, Colin means "Victor" and is pronounced slightly different than the more commonly accepted Gaelic (Call-in). The "O" sound is more round as in the actual pronunciation of said letter.
The Gaelic Colin is indeed derived from the Gaelic word "Cailean" which means "Young Wolf". It does NOT mean little girl, young child, or otherwise. Those terms are synonomous with the word, but not an exact definition.
Take it from the Scot. I know what I'm talking about.
by Colin A. October 28, 2003
Pronunciation: kɔlIn

A nice guy who possesses great musical abilities and the ability to play multiple instruments, and sing so well that all nearby ladies hyperventilate. He is insanely smart and is knowledgeable on many topics. All women have a powerful physical attraction to him.
That guy is so talented he's almost a Colin!
by Aragorn's shadow March 21, 2010
(noun, adj, adv, verb) caw' lin

Definition: Win

Origins: Latin for "win", French for "win", German for "win", Chinese for "win", Anglo-Saxon for "win", English for "win", Hawaiian for "win", Russian for "win", Antarctican for "win"

Synonyms: Win, Own, Victory, Body Massage, Pork Chop Sandwich
I had an amazing time in bed with Colin last night.
by Frenchie892 June 21, 2009
The stacker beast!
It's not stacked until Colin stacks it.
by Haley Cushman August 28, 2008

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