usually an irish/asian guy who hides his true feelings. His love for someone is very complex. He may love a certain person, but another close person even more without showing any emotion towards that person.
colin has always wanted to be with Teresea, but secretely with Gessie.
by Sarah December 13, 2004
A man who urinates on the females he sleeps with.
"Oh I just got colined the other night"
by PWEB September 20, 2006
name usually associated with a guitar god, and amazing vocalist. usually colin's are friends with everyone, and are always there for you when needed. have an infectious smile, and laugh. when you're around a colin you cannot help but to be happy. colins are the best person you can be friends with, if you don't have a colin in your life you should probably go get one asap. sometimes the name colin gets confused with colon, which is okay because you cannot live without either one of these!
person 1: im so down. i don't know what to do.
person 2: you need a colin in your life !
by kaytizzz November 04, 2009
colin. a colin is a very confusing, but loving person. probaly irish since colin comes from the name colm. most likely to be musical, either a singer or a a guitar player. . he does what he does because he knows it is the right thing to do. normally has a bad temper, but he wont curse at you. he wil just call you on your shit. hes unforgettable, i could tell you that & who ever finds a colin make sure you don't let him go, colin's are rare.
wow, that colin is really confusing, but the strumming of his guitar makes a lot of sense.
by ramblegirl November 07, 2009
Means victory in Greek and whelp in Scottish. Generally an Irish man who is good with ladies!
See that man with dog and girls. His name must be COLIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by Colin Da Man February 02, 2009
The legend tortoise.
The Colin generally kicks the ass of any other tortoises or pets.
He also frequently 'gets high'

Dude your tortoise just pushed my one over.
He's such a Colin
by OnerOnerOner December 17, 2008
Colin is actually a Greek name meaning "Victor." The people that claim that it's a form of the Gaelic word "cailean" are confusing it with the Scottish feminine name Colina, whcih means "victory of the people," and is in fact a derivitive of the Gaelic "cailean," which is not spelled C-A-I-L-I-N, further proving that those other people don't know what they're talking about.
by Colony September 27, 2003
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