Usually meant to mean bad man, but it's a good woman. How'd people get that mixed up?
Wow, what a cocksucker!!!
by INURA!!! April 13, 2009
n. A rude, selfish or contemptible person. A fancy way to insult someone who's pissed you off.
"That lousy cocksucker tried to rip me off."
"He's a big time cocksucker when he's druknk."
by Allen23 June 26, 2005
I punched that bitch in her cocksucker.
by TSomms June 25, 2009
1.Something you dont call a guys girlfriend.

2. A complete Jackass that doesn't give a shit.
Guy:Your girlfriends a cocksucker!

Boyfriend:Your dead!

He then jumps on him and punches him in the face until he breaks his nose.

Guy: My grandma's in the hospital! I'm on my way right now!

Cocksucker:Hey on the way pick me up some Fried Chickan.
by lev1234567 June 21, 2009
A term commonly used to define one's mouth.
hey bitch, im tired of hearing what you have to say, "shut your cock sucker"
by Diggy_42o September 01, 2008
a sucker of cock
Greg: hey john did you know that one girl,
John: yeah
Greg: shes a cock sucker
John: Fuck that shit dude...straight in the ear
by xCODY!x August 04, 2008
When someone sucks of a cock.
e.g. sean coal is a cock sucker. he sucked his dads cock while his dad sucked his mums cock
by sean coal October 03, 2006

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