a person's mouth; what one sucks a cock with
Robbie pissed me off so I punched him in his cock sucker.
by jesssare June 06, 2005
-a good woman or man depending upon context
-an insult to a player hater
You, sir, are a cock sucker!
She was a great cock sucker ;)
by Lupino December 13, 2007
1. A person who performs fellatio.

2. An insult which defines the insulter as a person with a very negative attitude toward sexual behaviour, esp. american.
1. (S)He licked and sucked the guy's cock until he nearly fainted with pleasure.

2. He was raised in the bible belt, having the far-righteous christian belief that any sexual act other than the missionary position is not only his business, but wrong, and so, when confronted by a person he didn't like, called them a cocksucker.
by edjog October 07, 2005
one mother fucking dumbass
Guy 1: We're going to have a round of golf lad.
Guy 2: You fucking cocksucker.
by the hott one May 29, 2005
cocksucker, used in reference to ste, who likes to take the cocks of paying men.
ste is an absolute cocksucker.
by suhlEap December 05, 2007
A hungry person who really, really can't wait for the chicken soup to warm up
"couldn't you wait 3 minutes for me to reheat the can?"


"you're such a cocksucker"
by DrGroove January 21, 2007
Someone who does not respond to trade requests in fantasy football in time for the players to be active for that weekends' games.
Lou is a fucking Cocksucker. He doesn't reply to my trade request for 3 days.
by FFBoy September 25, 2008

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