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One who enjoys screwing you over or leaving you to the dogs of Hell.
That cocksucker sexiled me last night. What an asshole.
by i swear to god i'm not drunk November 08, 2005
Matthew Jacob Dintelmann
Matt sure is a good cock sucker!
by Poop Swoop March 27, 2007
someoe who sucks cocks hard.
many ugly slags - you know who you are! (plus some real fit babes)
by Claire Short MP June 04, 2003
('kok - sukerr)
n. (slang; vulgar)
a derogatory term used to indicate one's mouth, otherwise implying the notion that the one being referred to performs fellatios; a sexual innuendo specifically directed to one's mouth, and so indicating that the person is "a cocksucker".
"Yeah, I punched the asshole in his cocksucker."
by Andrea Moi April 06, 2006
a woman willing to spread your legs and dive right in
hey bitch, suck my cock, cocksucker
by j dawg March 27, 2003
A machine designed to simulate the sucking and stroking sensations felt from oral sex on one's cock.
After work, I got home and used my cocksucker to blow a load.
by MasturbAddict December 14, 2005
1. One who gives head.
2. Worthless person.
3. A worse insult for a man because of the implication of homosexuality which is an unnatural act in comparison with women sucking dicks.
Sigmund Freud said a cigar is just a cigar sometimes, however, sometimes it's a big brown dick with a business criminal asshole cocksucker sucking on the wet end of it.
by fresh_lunatic April 27, 2006