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Ok with that, its cool, alright
We can chill with my crew if you're <b>down with that</b>
by J Dawg April 18, 2003
Female who likes to orally pleasure other females
Mrs Head is such a lilly licker!
by J Dawg October 16, 2002
A really baggy pair of pants. when you try to run you go slower than usual.
i tried to run the mile but my parachute pants slowed me down and it took an hour.
by J Dawg April 28, 2003
A replacement for Fucking sound made famous by holt palmer and cky
"freaking brown that sounds loud!!!"
by J dawg January 17, 2004
to move or travel; see proceed
I will go to the store.
by j dawg June 23, 2003
A person who fucks mothers
The nizzle down the street is a motherfucker.
by J Dawg March 17, 2003
Yo dat chick be slizzle and gots a nice ass!
by J Dawg April 24, 2003
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