slang. one who enjoys in the partaking or swallowing of male penises.
Adrian is a Cock Sucker!

Mike likes Cock suckers!
by UCidiot April 20, 2003
A person who gives head. Giving blowjob
Mahram: I'm such a cocksucker
by Smooth November 19, 2002
Anyone who sucks cocks for whatever reason. Whether it is because of a genuine love of sucking cock, an addiction, or through coercion
"That duck is a cock sucker."
by Krievi March 10, 2005
An insult.
Bob, you are such a cock sucker sometimes.
by Ellie November 14, 2002
One who performs or has performed fellatio.
The prostitute was a cocksucker.
by Theory March 13, 2003
A person who sucks big mighty penis
He's a cocksucker
by teh devil August 05, 2002
The lips of any woman or gay male.
Bitch you better shut your cock suckers before I whoop your ass.
by m wolf December 07, 2007

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