A person who is not a champ, and can not match up to the normal skills of another.
Quang Nguyen
by Jeremy June 05, 2004
a person who abuses steroids and goes to the gym alot (you can usually spot a chump by the way they walk)
look at that chump over there he actually walks like hes been raped
by ibukun April 09, 2009
An unusually large man with a small head. He thinks he is hot shit, but he knows deep down that he is the master chumpion.. He has a freakishly large handlebar mustache that gives everyone the creeps. He enjoys teaching history even though he actually knows nothing about it.
Mr. T sure is acting like a chump today.
by E.M.C. August 29, 2008
A punk-bitch; a person that is bitch made. Someone who does nothing but shit a bitch would do.
I'm old school; I call punks chumps
by Miles D yo July 18, 2005
1)Someone who gave something or someone good up.
2)Someone who will regret the giving up.
"I'm such a chump. I fucked up with her/him."
by Kyrstin March 26, 2005
Someone who sucks at something, such as a sport. It is a word used to call someone after they got beat at something. It can also be someone who crys for little shit, such as getting hit by a ball.
Cannon is a chump, anyone can score on him.
by SupraTuf December 31, 2008
a very friendly insult. Usually given to one of your peers with a smile on your face.
"watchu doin chump?"
"cause you my brother chump"- Lil Wayne
by Mack B305 March 29, 2008

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