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A person who is not a champ, and can not match up to the normal skills of another.
Quang Nguyen
by Jeremy June 05, 2004
5 14
An unusually large man with a small head. He thinks he is hot shit, but he knows deep down that he is the master chumpion.. He has a freakishly large handlebar mustache that gives everyone the creeps. He enjoys teaching history even though he actually knows nothing about it.
Mr. T sure is acting like a chump today.
by E.M.C. August 29, 2008
3 13
A rather large muscular man who really has a lack of knowledge and common sense.
" wow that guy is such a chump!"
by suzie poo January 11, 2007
5 15
1. A chewing tobacco-induced bowel movement
"This Copenhagen is talking to a brother, I got's to take a chump."
by scbrix September 22, 2006
20 30
someone who goes sledding with a girl when they are alone in a house; someone who has no idea how to pimp; someone who says really stupid stuff all the time;
Warren is a chump because he went sledding with Morgan when they were alone and she is a slut.
by Antwizzle December 09, 2005
5 15
1. A punk-ass bitch, instigating a fight on a school playground.

2. A punk-ass bitch, who insists you're wrong and he's always right.
"C'mon Chump, you wanna start something?!"
by Tagman77 February 05, 2004
10 20
A small furry animal that studies.
Studyin' is for chumps. Come hit up this reckless party with me instead.
by offamaprop February 25, 2009
5 17