really beautiful girl. stunning. gorgeous. breathtaking.
that girl is a certified chump!
by theaccuratewordcreater June 26, 2011
A tragically ugly guy.

A male munter
Whit a chump! I don't see how that boy can get those burds. He must be gay..
by fishpish June 23, 2007
A rather large muscular man who really has a lack of knowledge and common sense.
" wow that guy is such a chump!"
by suzie poo January 11, 2007
1. A chewing tobacco-induced bowel movement
"This Copenhagen is talking to a brother, I got's to take a chump."
by scbrix September 22, 2006
a loser
a choaty
a chincey
a frank
jesus christ tyler ure a chump
by Dfost April 16, 2006
1. A punk-ass bitch, instigating a fight on a school playground.

2. A punk-ass bitch, who insists you're wrong and he's always right.
"C'mon Chump, you wanna start something?!"
by Tagman77 February 05, 2004
1)Someone who gave something or someone good up.
2)Some one who is a complete idiot and a knob that has no basic idea on life except to skew it up with other people.
3( Someone who will always keep giving up untill they have nothing left.
my friend keziah is a complete chump she has no basic idea on life and never will cauz she keeps lookin bak in the past like uncle reako, she should learn to move forwould like kip and laphonda, that way she will no longer be looked at as a CHUMP!
by Suemi April 11, 2006

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