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a chump is a person completely devoid of humour, social skills, and has poor body smell. Chump best describes Aidan Price
Chump: Aidan Price, the killer of prostitutes
by Mikestainless November 04, 2008
1)Someone who gave something or someone good up.
2)Some one who is a complete idiot and a knob that has no basic idea on life except to skew it up with other people.
3( Someone who will always keep giving up untill they have nothing left.
my friend keziah is a complete chump she has no basic idea on life and never will cauz she keeps lookin bak in the past like uncle reako, she should learn to move forwould like kip and laphonda, that way she will no longer be looked at as a CHUMP!
by Suemi April 11, 2006
Chump metaphore for a dick, actuall definition
Short, thick piece of wood :D
i discovered this when a friend sed they liked the word chump and i wanted them to stop using it, now i can't stop

Person 1- Hey
person 2- yo monkey chump
Person 1- ewww monkey chump
Person 2- haha u sed monkey chump
Person 1- ur sick
Person 2- i can't help it!
by bum licker January 13, 2006
A person that oes something hypocritically and gets called on it.
"Will you all fucking shut up, we're gonna fucking get in trouble!" he gets in trouble for yelling "That's right, chump."
by Meld May 13, 2003
What's another word for chump? Brad!
by fishy face bananapants May 30, 2009
A half boner. Usually you get em when you see a sorta pretty girl. A chump is cooler than a boner. This word was made by Brent(BDB)
Erin gave me and danny a chump.
by Yup this is Brent September 14, 2008
Name given to a girl with no boobs, just two random lumps where they should be.

Dylan: Hey man, look at that girl over there.
Spence: She doesn't even have any tits. They're just...lumps.
Dylan: Yeah, what a Chump.
Spence: Riiiiiight.
by Grandpa McFack December 07, 2007