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The menswear branch of topshop - a highly profitable British fashion chain store in the Arcadia group - Topman is the most popular menswear store in the UK.
Wants you to wear striped skinny Tees, skinny jeans, skinny ties and skinny braces. But only if you're skinny, and can actually fit into their clobber. They generally cater for the younger man and provide discounts to students.
The Oxford Street Flagship store in London is a recklessly huge affair, and carries exclusive designer lines that you can't afford.
I'm off to Topman to buy a summer scarf and a knitted trilby.
by Meaner With The Scenery January 13, 2007
People who gets things done.
Lois: Wheres James woods?

Peter: He's with top men Lois.

Lois: Who?

Peter: Top men....

top men who lois james woods
by nwyyorkfretbarholocost August 31, 2010
One who wears stereotypical Top Man clothing. Usually identified by shirts & t-shirts with horizontal stripes.

A conglomerate of topmen is comparable to looking at the front window of a Top Man retail outlet. Such groups of topmen are often found at drinking establishments frequented by students.

Note: A topman is not to be confused with a metrosexual. A topman does not necessarily have homosexual tendencies.
"Look, there's fucking topmen everywhere!"

"It's like being in a topman convention."

person A: "Is that guy a metro?"
person B: "No, he's just a topman."

topman (with an alchoholic beverage in one hand): "Yaaaaaaaaaaaaay!"
by MarkyBadBoy October 16, 2005
Code words for "I hid that shit somewhere so good, that I lost it".
Grant: "Hey bro, where's my lighter?"

Nick: "It's with Top Men."

Grant: "Who?"

Nick: "TOP...MEN..."

Grant: "You fucking lost it didn't you?"

by Falsedawn December 29, 2010
when a person is cool or when they have done something to please you
can be applied to girls
"james just puked" "ahhhh topman"
"you are a topman"
by Georgia-kate January 07, 2008
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