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Ore is the kind of girl that is pretty and nice. She has a very loving personality and care about everyone. Ore tends to have lots of friends and is shy at first but a good way when you get to know her. She usually has pretty brown eyes and loves shopping. Ore is the kind of friend that will take time out of her day to listen to you even if she is really busy. Ore is a very great friend to have.
by Person 1734 January 04, 2014
Japanese word for I; mostly used by males, but females sometimes use it if they're tomboyish/have a rough side to their personality.

Not advisable to use if you're a foreigner because that will make you sound aggressive if speaking to a native.

P.S. Instead of using the standard "desu", you might occasionally use "da" instead (male variant of "Desu")
Ore wa Amerika-jin desu (I am an American)
Kore wa ore no tomodachi da. (This is my friend)
by Rua-kun April 27, 2012
The rock or soil from which minerals are extracted.
Gold can be extracted from hard rock or placer ore.
by Downstrike June 04, 2004
usually what jakes and isabels do in math class
Ore is a fun activity for ages everyone :)
It gives great pleasure and a great way to waste time
Something adam sandler would do every night

it can mean anything the word makers want it to mean
Boy: hey what u doin this weekend?
Girl: nothin, wanna hang?
Boy: totally, lets ore.
Girl: great idea! Ill invite the gang!
by iPod4767 July 06, 2011
A whore. Used more as a friendly quip.
How many times did you bang his mom in the pooper? You ore!
by Gautam Malhotra July 05, 2005
boy with a head shaped like a peanut
that boy is such an ore
by sam.p October 04, 2006
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