A punk bitch nigga. In prison a chump is dude who chases dudes.
Look at them chump ass niggas in da yard.
by Abdulius Maximus March 11, 2015
chump (n.) -

1. A person who missed the point, or otherwise acted dumb with or without intending to. A dolt, idiot, etc.

2. A person who is being unnecessarily condescending or disdainful, often because of their own internalized judgmental opinions.

3. A person of self-supposed importance, who often has a snooty personality. They use things only as long as it keeps them looking cool, and they consider everything disposable, people included.

A younger chump often wears a popped collar or whatever he or she thinks is on the forefront of the newest cool trend (e.g. j. crew, notice the disdainful attitude in the example of that definition.)
There are often overlaps of people in this category and in the frat daddy category.

Note: Not all who wear J. Crew are chumps.
1. "Dude, she's been looking at you all night, go talk to her already. Stop being such a chump."

2. "C'mon man, he missed the shot, no big deal. Don't be a chump about it."

3. "Why would you ever want to move to Greenwich, that place is just a chump breeding ground."
by cnmne June 10, 2010
Generally, a person who lacks common sense, street smarts and a sense of self. A slow witted person. One who does not know the ways of the world. One who does not know their ass from a hole in the ground. Easily manipulated & taken advantage of. Usually operates in a field that is way above their skill-level. Incompetent. An embarrassment. Essentially a tool; a useful idiot. The chump usually thinks he is cool and suffers from over-confidence; but is just a player and is being fooled before s/he knows it.
1. Tom Cruise is the classic definition of a chump. He thinks he is smart and cool, but Alas; falls into the barrel of laughs that is moronic, delusional Scientology.

2. Most Polish people from the country of Poland qualify as chumps. (Don't believe me? Hopefully find out for yourself one day. Such pathetic immigrants I have to deal with.)
by Jean Dupre June 13, 2014
Nickname for a particular type of person that makes you laugh and makes you wish you could shrink them into your hands and carry them around all day.
Hey, chump! Get over here, so I can pet you and feed you while you tell me funny stories all night.
by ChumpToChump January 08, 2015
A man who borrows money from his pregnant, unemployed girlfriend with no intention of ever repaying her
Man: Babe, can I borrow money for a car if I take care of the rent and utilities at our new apartment as a way of paying you back?
Woman: Of course, I'll be on maternity leave anyway so at least the bills will be paid.
One month later, a new car, and man never moves in to apartment...
Woman: Are you going to give the landlord money for rent like you agreed?
Man: Bitch, take me to court if you want to see your money.

by Thankfully unmarried May 03, 2013
Someone who is only apprentice and makes a mistake.
*pours water on self* Water chump.
*doesn't brush teeth* Toothbrush chump.
You're a CHUMP!
by ovenbun February 03, 2013
Some one who truly believes and attempts to display to everyone that he/she is the coolest an most stylish person around. Where in reality they are actually nothing of the sort. You are most likely to see a Chump on a night out, dancing like an absolute bafoon, dressed in the up most "in fashion" clothes, and really believing that he/she is the coolest person there, and that everyone in the club is in ore of them.
haha look at that guy, (he's bought his whole wardrobe from Topman and is dancing like a fool at the front of the dance floor, embarrassing himself although he thinks that he's attracting all the females and no one is as cool as him) - he's an utter chump!
by gohonden May 22, 2011

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