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the area between the genitalia and the anus.
I punched him hard in the gouche
by sean November 19, 2003
The Part Thats Between A Guys Balls And His Ass *Very Sensative*
Ha Ha They Electrocuted His Gouche
by My-ike August 14, 2005
the small area between a males ball sack and his anus
by scott newell March 06, 2003
A Gouche is a male perienium...
It is between the crack and the sack!

Friend: Barry licks gouche!
Barry: Your momma licks my gouche
#gooch #balls #testies #bollocks #dangles
by Kingy_Mullet February 14, 2008
Anatomical section posterior to the testis and anterior to the anus. Which is known to become extremely sweaty (especially during intense gaming activities).
My friend Tonza religiously performs his wet wipe showers after a game but always forgets to wipe his gouche.
#asscrack #bum #in between #sweaty #tonza
by HNL-DK November 30, 2014
The part of skin between a persons genitals and their anus.
Dude... you just kicked my gouche!
#skin #anus #flab #rectum #spread
by sinistercow April 12, 2008
the hairy space in between yer sack and yer poo hole
i need to clean my gouche
by dan August 08, 2003
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