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the area between the genitalia and the anus.
I punched him hard in the gouche
by sean November 19, 2003
347 150
The Part Thats Between A Guys Balls And His Ass *Very Sensative*
Ha Ha They Electrocuted His Gouche
by My-ike August 14, 2005
198 132
the small area between a males ball sack and his anus
by scott newell March 06, 2003
141 97
A Gouche is a male perienium...
It is between the crack and the sack!

Friend: Barry licks gouche!
Barry: Your momma licks my gouche
by Kingy_Mullet February 14, 2008
80 63
The part of skin between a persons genitals and their anus.
Dude... you just kicked my gouche!
by sinistercow April 12, 2008
38 45
1. a synonym for douche to be used in social situations where to use douche might be inappropriate.
2. a goofy douche.
1. what a gouche!
2. you're a gouche!
by jeffyesquire October 30, 2007
45 62
the hairy space in between yer sack and yer poo hole
i need to clean my gouche
by dan August 08, 2003
68 85