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Cash is the area between ur asshole and ballsack, a Chode is a dick wider than it is long.
Cash: "Lick my cash? I'd rather have u lick my ass!"
Chode: "Suckle on my Chode"
by Emily November 07, 2004
2 13
Three words: Tuna Can Penis
Think tuna cans or hockey pucks.
by A big old cup o' poop. November 03, 2004
5 16
a cigarette (in Roselle Park at least a couple yrs ago)
Bro my pack is empty, lemme bum a chode
by raSman September 01, 2004
2 13
A fat penis that is wider than it is long
Nicola Froud sucks chodes
by Moosey Wiggle June 20, 2004
4 15
this peculiar item is a males penis that is wider than it is longer, this is quite unusual but is not impossible.
my friend lizzie haynes has a hefty moosey CHODE!!!!!
by clive fagina June 20, 2004
2 13
see taint
Man, my chode itches.
by Kyosanshugi June 13, 2004
5 16
a penis short and fat
nathan told me to suck it, and i was going to until i saw his tiny chode poking out
by chelsea May 18, 2004
8 19