1. A penis that has extreme width compared to its lengh. When erect, sides expand, but does not grow in lengh, only in circunference. Some say it's a curse, however people who delevop the skills necessary to use it affirm its a gift. Chodes do exist, however are rather rare to find.
2. Used quite uncommonly as the ara between the scrotum and the anal cavity.
- Check out that chode! Massive width!
- Yea, and its expanding... no! its getting an erection!

2. I like having my chode licked, however not my anus or scrotum.
by GoldenCako May 24, 2005
Someone who is just as round as they are tall. Short and fat.
Look at that chode mutha fucka walkin out of the dough-nut shop!
by Michael May 07, 2005
A short fat penis, a stubby or irrgular shaped penis
yo tha nigga GARRETT has a chode the size of whale
by jeremy March 08, 2005
it is not the same thing as a gooch. the people who think that are dumb asses. a chode is where your cock is thicker than it is long
you are a chode if you believe it is a gooch
by big poppa February 22, 2005
to but it simply, a short but yet a fat penis.

or a penis of an extremly overweight individual who cannot find his penis.
ex. fat bastard
i like your chode, but i'm sorry you can't see it too.
by loser.face January 23, 2005
the space between your ball sack and your ass.
(i dont think there is such a thing as wider and it is long.. and if there is i wanna see it)
Last night Tyler had Lauren lick his chode.
by nexexitnarc December 29, 2004
chode is a penis wider then it is long
Tommy tried to fuck he with a chode but it just wouldent penitrate
by chode is good November 22, 2004
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