A fat penis that is wider than it is long
Nicola Froud sucks chodes
by Moosey Wiggle June 20, 2004
this peculiar item is a males penis that is wider than it is longer, this is quite unusual but is not impossible.
my friend lizzie haynes has a hefty moosey CHODE!!!!!
by clive fagina June 20, 2004
see taint
Man, my chode itches.
by Kyosanshugi June 13, 2004
a penis short and fat
nathan told me to suck it, and i was going to until i saw his tiny chode poking out
by chelsea May 18, 2004
1. A penis that is wider than it is long.
2. The area of skin between a man's ball sac and anus.
2. While pressing on the chode you can inhance a man's orgasm.
by D-Ray April 01, 2004
A penis which is fat and small to such an extensive degree, that it is actually wider than it is long.
I unzipped his trousers and I was confronted with what I thought to be a grossly inflammed testicle. It was, alas, only the poor boy's chode. Needless to say, I ran quickly.
by Chode Appreciation Society January 20, 2004
a shorty fat dick
antione was sticking his chode in yyvonnes eye, and she was tickling his balls. The centuar was getting his chode sucked off by the cow/bullfrog while he was taking a shit
by MAN CHOWDER December 08, 2003

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