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This is a penis that is rather girthy but short in length, similar to a tuna can. Often hard to work with while trying to have relations. Performing Doggy-Style with a woman who has 'back' is out of the question for a man sporting a 'tuna can'. The tuna can cannot enter the zone.
Bill was a very funny guy and great to be with...but we had to break up. He had a tuna can penis and couldn't satisfy or even enter me.
by Smellman March 05, 2009
A short, but very wide human penis. It is widely accepted that one does not have intercourse with a tuna can penis, but rather uses it to punch their lover in the cunt.
Shelly: "I heard Mike has a thick dick. I am so jealous you hooked up with him!"

Nelly: "Umm, we didn't hook up so much as he punched me in the cunt with his tuna can penis"

Shelly: "gross."
by Tunacanenis July 31, 2011
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