to be from chicago you have to be hard and watch your back. if ur a pussy ass bich go to new york and go watch a play. we have higher crime rate because the gangstas here dont take shit from anyone. its not like new york where you shoot one of there gangstas and ur like im sorry will you forgive me. and they are like ok but please dont let it happen again. u get ur ass beat for stuff u do here. yea our police force is the best in the world. they corrupt and shit but thats funny as hell. who wouldnt be corrupt if u have to deal with some people there. yo, 2 words Al Capone. 1.chicago 3.La 4. york-that is the city rankings.
Jesus- um God, what city did u hand create and is the best city in the world and is 8348567485 times better than new york?
God-why thats not even a question, I created chicago myself and is the best city in the world. Satan made new york
by chicago9999 December 22, 2005
A three headed monster that, upon seeing someone, draws them in, gives them diahreea with his terrible pizza from his narzzle gland, right next to his anal gland, also known as a "corrupt politician" monster (the origin of this name is unknown)
Man- Hey, Frank, how's it going?

Other Man- Oh its okay, the wife's pregnant and she's craving the blood of newborn goats...

Man- Too bad.... OMG!!! Its a Chicago! Run!

Other Man- Ahhhhhh!!!!! Why is it crapping?

Man- That's the pizza!!!

(sounds of gurgling and death)
by Justkidding^^^haha June 21, 2010
What you call anyone that's from Illinois

Hey look, there's the new kid.
Where you from?
Aiite, Chicago, we'll see you later.
by skizzer1025 July 20, 2006
An absolutely AMAZING city. If one is not from Chicago and wished to visit, I recommend staying in the North side. The North Side is an extremely nice place with plenty of entertainment and good food. However, if one should find themself in the South Side of Chicago, RUN FOR YOUR FUCKING LIFE!!! On my list of ghettos, I am officially declaring Chicago's South Side to be the fourth most dangerous ghetto in America.
Chicago's North Side is the complete opposite from it's South Side.
by Zuke July 12, 2006
One of the biggest cesspools in the United States of America. A large mid-western city riddled with crime and corruption. Home to some of the laziest freeloaders in the world. A sanctuary city that is home to millions of illegal aliens.
I got my shoes dirty when I stepped in Chicago
by Embarassed to be from here January 07, 2011
the realest, truest city there is
where there is hella haters
where we say joe after every word
where we have bussas on every block
where we have a Pete's n harolds Chicken
where we ask for extra mild sauce
where we have grammer schools
the niggaz that rap don't just rap they tell a story
where the rawest projects stood up
where it's the most popular n most haters
where we come up with the best slang
where there is mostly blacks
this city is where people wish they were born so they hate cause they know the real ones stay duggie fresh
this is my city Chicago
there are hella haters in chicago
Other cities stay hatin on Chicago because of our slang and dance
by Ghetto Queen April 14, 2007
an awesome city where the Fall Out Boy band origintated
Froggert: MEAT SALAD!!!!!!! YAY!! CHICAGO!!
by Harmphrey the Duck November 24, 2007
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