best city in the world: so much better than new york city
Chicago kicks New York's ass (mostly cuz chicago has ME! new york can never come close)
by chicagogirl415 August 02, 2011
To Chicago (verb) means to ingest a hit of marijuana, specifically dank kush, and directly afterwards consuming a 1 oz. shot of Maker's Mark whiskey before exhaling the smoke.
E: dude, lets get fucked up?

R: yea definitely

E: Lets Chicago, man.

R: What's that?

E: Take a hit of this weed and then a shot of whiskey before you blow it out.

R: I'm down.
by 312durr April 11, 2014
A awesome city located in Illinois. It has the world famous Sears Tower and it also has the Hancock building. Many people say it has many gangs, but it really doesn't. Chicago actually has the most nicest people.
John: Chicago has a lot of gangs!

Jeff: Have you ever even been to Chicago? There is barely any gangs and they have very nice people.
by ChicagoCitizen June 02, 2009
3rd largest city in america,16th Richest city in the world. New multi-million dollar pent houses and condos being built(see Chicago spire & waldrof astoria) milwaukee has some odd complex with chicago but cant compete (milwaukees lame dont ever go thier!!!) saw its far share of crime and population loss during the 80's an 90s but is on the rise again. I would say a cleaner version of new york, downtown is never dead, u can go at 3:00am and still have fun. 24 hour city with the most agressive drivers i have ever seen( and im from boston)World Class shoipping just to name a few, Prada, louis vitton,gucci,hugo boss,fendi,and more..big city lots of fun and great pizza and hot dogs,nice historic homes brown stones huge victorian homes on the south side, 24 hour rail system and bus. (No more Projects!!!) good clubs,great bars,nice homes go to chicago and i'll graruntee you will love it.
Milwaukeean: i hate chiago drivers
Chicagoan: well thats because your drunk,dumb and from wisconsin
Milwaukeean: o we wish we were you!
by Move out the way! December 20, 2008
A city in the state of Illinois. It is the largest city in Illinois, the largest in the Midwest, and the third largest in the United States. A very impressive skyline, and home to many fortune 500 companies. Although parts of the city are impoverished, what city DOESN'T have places like that? The most expensive inland city in the US. Upscale areas by far dominate the low scale areas. One of the best cities in the country, and in the world. Extremely diverse, although many people believe Chicago is segregated still because of it's past. If you haven't been there before, please stfu like you actually know something.
Chicago has something for everyone.
by DONOVANN November 03, 2006
Like Toronto with slums.
Chicago is like Toronto with slums.
by boomerz October 13, 2013
A very large city in the North of Illinois filled with pretentious douchebags who think they are far superior to anyone downstate, and that anything south of the suburbs is redneck country. Although the city itself features many famous attractions and great restaurants (and starbucks on every fucking corner), the people sort of counteract all this appeal. I was actually asked for directions while visiting there, the people inquiring were incredibly shocked to learn I was from central Illinois, wondering about my lack of redneck-ness. I mean, it's a great city, if you don't ever want to see trees and love to be stuck-up.
Chicago guy: Hey where do you live around here?
me: Oh, no I'm from Springfield.
Chicago guy: hmm.. Springfield? Never heard of it.
me: It's the capitol you fucktard.
Chicago guy: Whatever, don't you have a farm to get back to?
me: *knocks him the fuck out*
by sethisto28 August 15, 2011
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