Chicaco is the one city i call home. The best city in the US. With a population of nearly 3 million, but on friday nights.. it becomes ricer nation. I would say that approximately 150 Honda Civics with 9 inch mufflers show up to the street races. Although they range from color and trim...its all the same. A very high pitched noise comes from them and the NITTO stickers add 25 horses to them...its entertaining seeing them, but it wont compare to LA or any city with real cars!
1: Are you going to the chicago races tonight?
2: Yea im gonna take my Civic. Oh do you know mike just got a civic
1: cool so did i and jake
by Juize22 June 08, 2007
A very large city in the North of Illinois filled with pretentious douchebags who think they are far superior to anyone downstate, and that anything south of the suburbs is redneck country. Although the city itself features many famous attractions and great restaurants (and starbucks on every fucking corner), the people sort of counteract all this appeal. I was actually asked for directions while visiting there, the people inquiring were incredibly shocked to learn I was from central Illinois, wondering about my lack of redneck-ness. I mean, it's a great city, if you don't ever want to see trees and love to be stuck-up.
Chicago guy: Hey where do you live around here?
me: Oh, no I'm from Springfield.
Chicago guy: hmm.. Springfield? Never heard of it.
me: It's the capitol you fucktard.
Chicago guy: Whatever, don't you have a farm to get back to?
me: *knocks him the fuck out*
by sethisto28 August 15, 2011
a game where you hold your "reefer" smoke in your lungs till the joint gets back to you.
lets do chicago with this "j"
by Taz February 25, 2004
The act of dragging out a story.
Scott is constantly pulling a Chicago. When he tells a story he talks about the weather in Illinois but all we really need to know is where the best pizza place is in Chicago.
by daisieNC May 27, 2010
The greatest city in the world. So beautiful and so awesome! the place that everyone secretly wants to run away to someday. but most importantly, it is the place where the greates band in the world came from
"we have to go to chicago, thats where fall out boy is from!"

"your going to chicago?! you cant go without me!"
by americasuitheart February 28, 2009
to be from chicago you have to be hard and watch your back. if ur a pussy ass bich go to new york and go watch a play. we have higher crime rate because the gangstas here dont take shit from anyone. its not like new york where you shoot one of there gangstas and ur like im sorry will you forgive me. and they are like ok but please dont let it happen again. u get ur ass beat for stuff u do here. yea our police force is the best in the world. they corrupt and shit but thats funny as hell. who wouldnt be corrupt if u have to deal with some people there. yo, 2 words Al Capone. 1.chicago 3.La 4. york-that is the city rankings.
Jesus- um God, what city did u hand create and is the best city in the world and is 8348567485 times better than new york?
God-why thats not even a question, I created chicago myself and is the best city in the world. Satan made new york
by chicago9999 December 22, 2005
What you call anyone that's from Illinois

Hey look, there's the new kid.
Where you from?
Aiite, Chicago, we'll see you later.
by skizzer1025 July 20, 2006

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