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Chicago people are "Country New Yorkers"
Chicago is a redneck version of NYC
Chicagoans are country New Yorkers
by TJMCC November 14, 2007
A city that is no-where near as unique as their smaller, but in comparison, cooler neighbor to the north Milwaukee. People are easily fooled by Chicago's big buildings but in reality only fools would live in "shy-town", its a want to be New York city in the dumpy mid-west. It has nothing that another overpopulated city couldn't offer except a view of an over-polluted lake instead of the ocean.
Milwaukee is way cooler than Chicago because of our cities drunken nature and love for festivals and good eating.
by Alan Knapinski May 28, 2007
Ohh yea shit-cago...did i mention that the sears tower was the base design for the ex-twin towers, ohh too bad...yes chicago did it first yet again
beautiful architecture can be found in chicago
by northsider1983 August 21, 2005
Chicago is a city in the far northeastern part of the state of Illinois.
Known for is unbelievably corrupt Politicians and Police force,the midwestern versions of the guido,absolute draining of the rest of the states tax money,toll roads,high concentration of idiots and crackheads.
inhabitants known as:Chicagonads or Nigcagians to the downstaters.They are close in mental capacity to Texasinhabitants.
Loud,mouthy pisspumpers who come to Southern Illinois and buy lake of egypt property where they are immediately:

1.screwed by every local contractor
2.Despised and laughed at by the locals
3.used as the punchline to every dumbass joke ever told
4.beat to a bloody pulp for popping off in local bars about how tough they are.
5.ripped off and sold every junk caddy, oldsmobile and farm tractor within a 50 mile radius.
Chicagonad"yea we usta beat those porta rikkans ta def up der"

Southern Illinoisian "Really..uhh thats nice...Hey I've got a '62 Caddy with a blown motor and a old Ford tractor with no wheels for sale for 10 grand"

Chicagonad" Sweet!!!!!I'll take it

Southern Illinoisian" Cool.....Hey..My Buddies got an old Buick with a bad tranny for sale too"

Chicagonad" AWESOME!!!Get him on da fuggin phone"
Redneck douchebag animal kingdom. Capital of the Midwest. The native Chicagoans actually take pride in being miserable assholes.
Don't be fooled by the rich rednecks here, Chicago is a total scumbag city.
by Sateyer March 15, 2007
Years ago famed poet Carl Sandberg wrote of Chicago, "Hog Butcher for the World, Tool Maker, Stacker of Wheat, Player with Railroads and the Nation's Freight Handler; Stormy, husky, brawling, City of the Big Shoulders..." Unfortunately the Chicago of today is more the city of small shoulders with it's severely outdated mayor and politics, endless road construction, constant beach closings, it's perpetually losing sports teams, insane parking fees, a losing city mantra - 'The second city', pseudo intellectuals, and a constant stream of boring suburbanites driving boring SUVs.

Dave: Hey lets vist a city.
Ben: How about Chicago?
Dave: What does Chicago have?
Ben: Ummm.....hmmm, good point.
Dave: How about Seattle, Boston, San Diego, or Tampa.
Ben: Sounds great.
by m1z_w1z_11 September 03, 2005
What many people don't address when describing Chicago is that the majority of white people in this city are very obviously ignorantly and at times maliciously racist. Also the general culture of this city shows hostility, pretentiousness, and extreme cultural narrow-mindedness. In any area of the city, people are overly sensitive to outsiders, even in areas that are mostly inhabited by people from the suburbs, such as Lincoln park. Anyone who fails to see this either benefits from the white privilege, is part of one of the many cliques, or is sociologically and culturally blind.
If you vote down for this definition of Chicago, you are in extreme denial.
by American Eye April 10, 2006