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To fuck a woman in such a way as to hurt her by thrusting fast with force into the vagina or ass in response to some wrongdoing, while shouting at her.
"My girlfriend made-out with some dude, so I had to punish fuck her to teach her some respect."
by ska_talon October 08, 2003
1. The hyman
2. A virgin
3. Cool, good
4. The burning ember of a cigarette, joint, or pipe.
5. Pot that doesn't need to be lit.
1. I totally broke her cherry!
2. That girl's still cherry, dude.
3. Dude, your new place is cherry, dude.
4. That cherry fell off into your lap, dude.
5. Don't spark that bowl dude, its cherry.
by ska_talon January 11, 2004
Pop punk is best described as pure, unadulterated crap. Thats right, nothing good makes its way into this music. You will know that you are listening to pop punk when you have the sudden urge to kill yourself. The bands who play the music usually know 3 chords on their respective instruments, plus someone bangs on a single snare drum. The most common characteristic of a pop punk fan is a large cleft centered on the face, surrounded with short, curly hair and a tiny, sensitive bud located within a few folds of skin, in the upper portion. The color of the hair usually matches the eyebrows. A pop punk fan also has no tolerance for good bands, and will commonly say such uneducated statements like "The Beatles suck, man, put on some Guster, rock on, derrrrrrr". You may substitute "The Beatles" for any classic/90's rock band. To form a band name for your own pop punk band, pick an obscure word out of Webster's, and then follow it with a dash and a random number of 3 digits or less.
St. Peter: Why do you think you deserve to be in heaven son? After all, suicide is a mortal sin.
You: Well, Pete, I accidentally heard a pop punk song...
St. Peter: Say no more, my son. Welcome to heaven, and you won't have to hear that shit here. Would you like your complimentary Led Zep album now, or later?
by ska_talon January 06, 2005

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