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a term which can only be proceeded by "PC load letter?" and is to be naturally follwed by "does that mean?"
PC Load Letter? What the fuck does that mean?
by goat September 12, 2004
The pubic hairs left upon a person's upper lip after sucking on the balls of some male animal.
That is one happy faggot, look at his sack lunch mustache.
by Goat October 08, 2003
when a girl gets pounded in the pussy while sucking a dick
we ran bustos on that hot bitch
by GoAT October 20, 2003
a maneuver whereby you inflict a round house punch to the face after fist f-ing a woman or man in the anus, leaving a descernable brown smear on the jaw.
Look at the guy's face, he looks like he just had a sloppy tyson!
by Goat September 14, 2003
Having to do with a chode.
His chodish penis was rejected by the ho.
by Goat August 31, 2003
Red, Green, and Blue
See Hex color code.
by Goat December 11, 2002
A brown smear that occurs as a result of a punch in the face after fist f-ing a guy or a girl.
Hey, that guy looks like he just got a sloppy tyson.
by Goat September 14, 2003
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