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Marked by extreme comfort and style, despite the inadequacies and ineptitude of the creator.
D: Hamish really fucked up the tshirts, though I must admit they're pretty orginal
B: I once created a shirt that was way more orginal. There's no evidence for its existence though. True story.
#awesome #stylish #accident #error #ineptitude
by chuntheunavoidable June 15, 2010
oral sex involving the vagina.

What? You performed orginal on that skank?
#head #going down #eating out #blowing #blow job
by The Fox Association July 10, 2008
one who constantly joins and parts a channel, much like a grue
Hey, did you see that guy joining and parting all day? He's like the new theGrue! What an orginal.
#gay #lame #retarded #homosexual #dumb
by midtown28 September 28, 2006
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