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the green, mutant like potato chip found in every potato chip bag. There's always one or two...

This was in a series of booklets called "SNIGLETS" in the mid-80's that defined words not in the dictionary but SHOULD be. Much like does today.
No mom, I don't want to eat the charp, even the dog won't eat it!
by Sgt. Vishus July 21, 2005
An abbreviated version of the word "sharp" as in awesome in appearance or cleverly done. It is sometimes used as an exaggerated pun on the hispanic pronunciation of the anglo word "sharp" in which the "sh" sound is replaced with a "ch" sound.
"Whadda ya think of my new tailpipes? Pretty charp, huh?"
by johnny-j September 26, 2005
a combination of a cello and a harp.
When I was younger, I took charp lessons.
by clawi1919 October 15, 2010
Fart Charp. Smell that comes out of your ass when you force one out.
(This is what my parents always called it when I was really young, I don't know why, maybe it's old polite slang for fart)
Oh man, Brian just charped. Smells rank.
by ChaseM October 11, 2007
Someone who is ugly in an attractive way.
1: How can you think he's attractive? He is so ugly!
2:He's not ugly, he's charp.
by mediawhore June 28, 2004
To turn something on for the purpose of listening to music.
Hey, charp the radio because my show's about to come on.
by murph March 25, 2003

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