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having to do with Britian, its people, or its culture
anglology-study of Britian, its people, or its culture
anglonics-British speaking
anglophobe-lover of Britian, its people, or its culture
anglophile- fearer of Britian, its people, or its culture
by this website is ruined January 01, 2006
Derived from Anglo Saxon.

A derogatory name to call an grumpy old, but not elderly, man. Typically when he is trying to enforce his own outdated value system and becomes hostile.
That guy was freakin' Anglo, man! We just popped kissed while waiting in line and he flipped out!

Who was he anyway?

I dunno, fuck that Anglo.
by DannyAnnieBeauFanny February 17, 2010
Short for Anglo-Saxon.
A white man's rounded poofy hairdo. It is analogous to the Afro. However due to the fact that owner of the hair type is not African American, the designation Anglo is used instead. Can also be shortened to glo.
Bob Ross had one of the most infamous Anglos known to man.
by chiggyhiggy December 06, 2007
The white man's version of an afro hairstyle. My hair is long, thick and curly, and when I don't take care of it, it puffs out like an afro. But I am white so it is called an anglo.
Jim's sporting an anglo today.
Check out Mark's anglo!
by Corwin December 02, 2004
white, having to deal with white people
Wearing shorts when it's 40 degrees outside is mad anglo
by Sunrayye November 11, 2008
Non-Hispanic white person. It is used in the American Southwest and is not pejorative.
An Anglo is a European-American.
by dchamil May 21, 2005
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