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Where a dangerous situation can go either way.
Jeff is trying to pick up those two girls, and they're sisters! Jeff is fucking tightroping it.
by ChaseM October 05, 2007
When you take a shit, and then you spray like crazy after the main load is finished.

Also, when you go to fart at someone, or maybe for some reason you decide to keep it to yourself and waste the fart and not direct it at one of your friends, you go to fart and accidently spray shit in your pants.
After shitting the main part, you spray like crazy in the can.

Bend over to fart at someone, push hard and let it go, and accidently shit yourself, then you scream "AWW NO, AFTERSPRAY"
by ChaseM October 11, 2007
A derogatory term for someone who uses Google Search Engine
Hey what's up you Goog.

Go look it up on the internet you Goog.
by ChaseM October 28, 2007
Fart Charp. Smell that comes out of your ass when you force one out.
(This is what my parents always called it when I was really young, I don't know why, maybe it's old polite slang for fart)
Oh man, Brian just charped. Smells rank.
by ChaseM October 11, 2007
A term given to a nerdy kid. Short for poindexter.
Hey look at dexter over there with his glasses! Going to math class? Dexter.
by ChaseM October 16, 2007
When you are left in a position guessing what is going to happen.
While watching a TV show, and it's getting REALLY good, and it says "To be continued" and just fucks you over, and then you say "Fuck that show just left a fucking dangler for me."
by ChaseM October 09, 2007
Ugly or fat girls that hang around an attractive or many attractive girls in order to reap the benefits of having slack jawed guys following them around.
You're at the bar and there's this hot girl, but she has like 3 ugly orbiter girl friends hanging around her.
They're just following her because the guys to go the pretty one and the uggies hope that her table scraps (guys she doesn't want) will pick them up after being rejected.
by ChaseM March 08, 2008

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