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28 definitions by murph

Also known as Cock, a Rooster is an exterier organ of the male
Dane loves the Rooster!
by Murph January 05, 2004
345 122
1. It holds the universe together.
"Duct tape holds all things together."
by murph November 04, 2003
105 40
1. (v) To slap

2. (n) a purple cocksmoker; proven true by the color of his lips

3. (n) an overpaid baseball player brought to New York to win a World Series; look how that turned out
1. What a pansy Alex Rodriguez is, did you just see him SLAP another man...

2. Dude, what's up with A-Rod's lips.... Jeters dick must be purple

3. Get over yourself, you suck
by Murph April 18, 2005
309 252
1. browsing shops without intending to buy anything that time.

2. actually shopping for new windows

3. watching the prostitutes in the red light district
1. "did you buy anything while you were out?"
"no, i was just window shopping"

2. "That little wanker just booted the ball through the window, i'll have to go window shopping now"

3. "Jimmy's gonna window shopping, i think he's after a blow job"

by Murph August 09, 2006
93 49
Say girl, you want some penis colada?
by Murph January 16, 2003
85 64
She licked up all of my cream of meat...
by Murph January 16, 2003
25 4
a: An angry ignorant person.

b: When a person is willing to fight or argue for something not knowing what it is they're fighting for.

c: A belligerant sort of ignorance.
by Murph January 16, 2003
14 4