In Spanglish, Chicano, or Mexican American Slang, women who are Mexican American or dark complected that tend to put on a lot of make up to hide the fact that they are Mexican. They tend to over do the lighter complected make up to the point where it looks caked on.
Above that, Cha Cha's are lower in the hierarchy as Cholas in the Chicano Gang Culture of Los Angeles, California. Basically, it is a modern Malinche behavior that betrays his/her own Mesoamerican roots by trying to "cover up" their true identity.
Women that lose sight of what they really look like to the rest of the world and over do it with Make up.
Cha Cha's can be compared to the "Jersey Girl look" from the Bon-Jovi days of the 80's but add to that the fact that she's a Latina who cakes on the make up to look white.
Jessica Alba is half dutch and half Mexican, she does not want to be called a Latina and she cakes on the Make up like a "Cha Cha" to cover up her dark complexion.
by Chicana Feliz June 21, 2007
Top Definition
A free cell phone service where the user texts any question to 242242 (chacha) and a live person searches the internet for the answer and then sends the answer to the person's phone.
Q: What is the population of the USA?
A: As of the 2000 census, the US population was 281,421,906. Thanks for asking ChaCha!
by AngrykittyNY July 10, 2008
Pussy, vagina, fanny. Opposite to penis (cho cho)
Missy Elliott's song 'Work It': Call before you come - I need to shave my cha cha
by Wankshaft July 12, 2003
A dude who acts like a bitch, pussy, or a punk.
Damn, he ran off like a lil cha-cha ass bitch.
by hambonedaddy March 05, 2007
usually used to make fun of someone after a really bad joke
person one:if ur momma would stand in front of the sun, there would be an eclipse.
person two:cha-cha!
by kg March 02, 2004
In Mexico sometimes is used to named the women who work like domestic servant.

*This word can be considered contemptuous.
Who's that girl?
She's the cha cha

Quien es esa muchacha?
Es la cha cha
by gab January 16, 2005
1. Slang: Vagina
2. Outdated dance, where each person lines up back to front and moves around periodically yelling: Cha-Cha-Cha, at designated intervals, somehow still used at mediocre dances.
1. I <3 to do the Cha Cha
2. I <3 to do the Cha Cha
by Adict June 11, 2003
(Verb), to use the texting service Cha Cha to answer a question.
I don't know the answer, just cha cha that shit.
by Joseph Scott August 25, 2008

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