female sex organ
Call me before you come over so I can shave my cha cha.
by Monica December 16, 2002
The coolest mobile SMS service on the planet. You can ask questions, get jokes and advice as well as play games -- all for free!
ChaCha question examples are:
Q: Does plaid go well with stripes
A: Yes, it is possible for stripes and plaids to go well together. However, you must pay careful attention to how you match them.
by Lori_145 June 05, 2009
A stereotypical Hispanic woman usually wearing tight low-rise designer or knockoff jeans, skin-tight fitted long sleeve tee, multiple rings on both hands, large hoop or other gaudy earrings and bracelets, makeup is overdone with eyebrows completely removed and redrawn on in a very unnatural sperm-like way. A ChaCha's hair is either long, big and curly or tight in a bun with her bangs pronounced and curled under. A ChaCha usually can be found toting an large oversize knock-off purse and they often wear stiletto heels with the rest of this ensemble. Can be seen also be seen wearing all this garb walking down a street pushing a ratty baby carriage.
Did you see that ChaCha's eyebrows? She painted like a pissed off alien
by ElCideo December 10, 2009
see pussy. one of the finest parts of woman's body
Now, you have to be supportive of the girl.. when your 6" away from the puss, say somethin nice about it.. and try and sound amazed.. something along the lines of 'Hot Damn' or 'Bitch thats the sweetest pussy I ever SEEN' Put her at ease.. a girl thats stressin about gettin her chacha nibbled on definately won't have a good time, and won't hang your picture on her wall of studs.
by ratpoison May 18, 2004
A playful word for the narcotic drug cocaine that is intended to connote the embarkation of an activity that is lighthearted, merry, fun, exciting and/or arousing. When used in a declarative sentence the speaker’s tone may be smug, satisfied, and upbeat. Usage in an interrogative sentence should be accompanied by an outwardly sense of mischief or impishness with somewhat sinister or sly undertone (you know the implications of said activity but the word “Cha Cha” sounds so cute and harmless!). When used in an exclamatory sentence it is often accompanied by shock, exuberance, surprise (“damn that’s some good Cha Cha!”). Cha Cha is hardly ever used in an imperative sentence (unless to say “back the F$#^% off my Cha Cha!!”).
My name is Dr. Rockso and I do Cha Cha, ba-ba-baaaaby!!!
Derived from the spanish word 'muchacha', meaning 'girl'. Chacha is the slang word for girl.
Hey chacha, you look damn good!
by Alicia August 03, 2003
Usually a latina girl, but could be any nationality, is a female who thinks she's the shit and dresses like a hoochie mama all the time, even if she's just going to the store. For example, showing up at community college dressed like she's at a fucking club. And strutting her shit around to make sure the guys are looking, because her egotistical personality needs the attention.
Cha chas tend to wear open-toed shoes, flip-flops, and chancletas.
"I'm not going anywhere with you dressed like that! You look like a cha cha."

"Look at that cha cha over there. That fatty shouldn't be wearing a tank-top!"
by Tiffany A. Perez June 04, 2008

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