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Area code 906 is the telephone area code for the entire Upper Peninsula of Michigan
It is, in terms of population, one of the smallest area codes in North America, with only about 320,000 people in the region served by 906. It was created as a spilt from 616 in 1961, as a flash-cut, with no official permissive dialing period.

by justcurious June 22, 2007
Police code used for a vampire attack.
Police call: This is officer Morgan and we have another 906.
Police response: Is the area confined to direct sunlight?
Police call: Affirmative.
Police response: Sending dispatch.

Officer #1: Sir, we got a 906 on our hands.
Officer #2: Ah, the old 906. Vampire attack, as everyone knows. Saw one back when I was a rookie.
by Scythia March 08, 2011

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