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A small, hicktown in western Montana, west of the larger city of Missoula. The main street contains about two bars, a gas station (Frenchy's), and a store. The schools are kind of lame, because some of Montana's most closed-minded people inhabit them. Pretty much everyone there drinks, except the Mormons. There are also quite a few drug users.
I'm going to Frenchtown to get wasted and high!
by Justtoast January 03, 2006
the best town in Montana filled with drunks great parties and a kickass football team
frenchtown montana is way cooler than frenchtown new jersey
by asdfjkgh February 13, 2010
A small town outside of Missoula, MT. Small town in the sense there are more bars than there are churches. People include mostly hicks, but there is a part with tons of douchbags. The douchebags mostly include the emos, druggies, and overall dumbasses. Crazy parties happen here, which makes it's nickname Zootown. In the long run, a very nice place.
Frenchtown is so fucking awesome.
by snarky56 June 21, 2009
a small town outside of Missoula, Montana. Falsely known as the drinking town due to the faulty paper, the Missoulian. People there just like to have a good time without the freaks from Missoula, such as the goths, emos, and slutty girls. Frenchtown's girls are classy ladies and the men do not take advantage of them. Overall, a good town to live in if you like to party.
Frenchtown is an awesome place to live. Except when the Missoula people come in to attend our bad ass parties
by Ilovelamp54698 April 04, 2011
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