A Virgin Island term; For a person of both Anglo and Afro ancestry.
Similar to the American word "mix"

O' dat chacha boy! He frum Frenchtown, ya know
by Damiien October 02, 2007
Chacha is a word that the mexicans use when they dont like the maid that they have.
"Muchacha" = Maid
"Chacha" = A high class reference to the maid.
"Muchacha" = Maid
"Chacha" = A high class reference to the maid.

The chacha is in my house cleaning the windows.
You are a chacha , your sandals sucks.
Your hair is like a Chacha's hair.
by alex712 April 08, 2006
You will find that more and more women will have a Cha-cha, a guy they can call on whenever, wherever, to take care of their sexual appetite. Unlike a booty call, a Cha-cha knows you're in a relationship, he might be in one too, but he is readily awaiting her number appearing on the Caller ID of his cell phone. He is the guy that will give her presents AND orgasms, but he never calls her, she calls him.
Her Cha-Cha knew how to take care of her AND mind his own affairs.
by if you aren't giving it Right! December 27, 2008
Two to the right, one to the left, stop.... think about it. Do your arm like this right here, now do your leg like this right here! Now do your hip like this right here, now keep doin your hip like this!
Whats the name of that dance? the cha cha, I hate that fuckin dance, that dance is fuckin easy!
by Seve-o® September 19, 2003
Another word for a gay or lesbian dance club.
Next friday we're all going out to the cha cha.
by edubound00 April 04, 2006
1. A stupid person who doesn't answer your question.

2. A man with only one leg and one paw for a arm, and sit and watch child porn while answering people question.

3. A hot blond woman who loves to talk to people all day.

4. A big fat whore.
1. I ask ChaCha what color a red firetruck was and it said to go to a local Fire station and ask them to see a read firetruck.

2. I went to chacha house and there was a picture on his desk.

3. Gabe loves Chacha.

4. Kelsey is reminded of chacha.
by Lovetomanypeople March 18, 2009
A man who isn't.....MANLY !
(see chavala)
Her boyfriend is a chacha but mine is a real man !!
by Nicki_M May 19, 2005

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