The act of smoking incense or potpourri.
Yo last night after we cha cha'd.. I was in the zone..

Guy 1: What are you doing after work?

Guy 2: I dont know I might cha cha then watch a movie. Everything is better after you cha cha.
by Ace Boogie2488 February 02, 2011
An term used to express sheer delight or impression to someone or something.
I had coconut prawns for dinner. Cha cha.
by Robin January 06, 2004
a kind of salsa dance with moving your hips from side to side;often danced at fiestas with partners
Chloe danced the chacha at the fiesta
by Chloe F. June 04, 2005
a very hot mexican girl
one who can dance and is very exoctic.
tan and long dark hair.
one who all the boys want.
"who is that beautiful tan new girl?"
"oh, thats ChaCha"
by ChaCha92 May 21, 2009
Another term like "Buddy" or "pal."

Masculine, the feminine is cha cheena.

It is not an insult or negative like the word "chach".
Not so fast cha cha!
by Joge June 01, 2004
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