Some may say obsessed workaholic, business empire builder that is ALWAYS in his office. May be surrounded by all forms of communication technology, but cannot be reached.
He’s in his cave building his empire, but eventually this caveman will call, pick-up the phone, email, text, send a letter or even be spotted on the town or in a community meeting or more rarely show up at someone’s doorstep.
by BrettTruett January 18, 2006
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When a girl is blowing a guy with a big cock, and the guy pulls away and swings his prized manhood back and forth while whipping his chick across her head with his big erect a caveman does to his woman when he hits her across her head with his big club.

To caveman a bitch is to club her with your huge cock.
I pulled a caveman on my bitch last night with my big cock.

The chick saw stars all night long after I did the caveman on her.

Wayne's big cock left Amanda dazzled after he worked his caveman magic on her.
by king_muscat April 20, 2010
1. Pertaining to anything with a low intelect, savage, and/or brutish quality.

2. To act out in a low intelect, savage, and/or brutish manner.
After being pushed in an argument, Fred went caveman on his opponent.
by 1Spectre4U October 21, 2003
To hastily perform, often under orders, a complicated (but misunderstood as simple) task, yielding shoddy results.
How did your paper turn out?" "Well I caveman-ed it, how do you think it turned out?
by Amoebatuba December 12, 2010
Most people think that cavemen were simple and stupid creatures but its actually the opposite.
The first cavemen and women had to figure out that a man can stick his penis into a womans vagina a practice now known as sex the most common practice in the world. And they figured out that when a lady got really fat and started feeling something inside her that that thing(a baby had to come out and they were able to do it very succsesfully obviuosly)They also had to figure out that if you don't eat or drink something for a long time then you die!
guy 1:It's so easy a CAVEMEN could do it
guy 2:Whats that supposed to mean
by DX Roberts July 05, 2009
club a hoe out, drag her back to your cave, and have your way with her.
"Wow, Julie looked hot last night. Did she go home with you?"

"Yeah, but I had to give her the cave man. Close enough."
by StArCh DaWg October 20, 2007
Coward. Someone who caves easily to cyber attacks, threats, and other forms of pressure. Weakling. Spineless. Cowardice.
The executives at Sony Pictures are caveman. They caved easily to hackers threats by cancelling the release of the movie The Interview. Hollywood executives are cavemen, hackers can easily get their demands met if they threaten a cyber attack.
by Cubs1969 December 19, 2014
To walk up to a friend's house unannounced and just knock on their door. It's the way the cave men did it before phones.
Hey man, let's go cave man John's place.
(knock knock)
(door opens)
Friend: it's fuckin 2 am. go home!
by Jimmy Hecker February 23, 2008

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