Coward. Someone who caves easily to cyber attacks, threats, and other forms of pressure. Weakling. Spineless. Cowardice.
The executives at Sony Pictures are caveman. They caved easily to hackers threats by cancelling the release of the movie The Interview. Hollywood executives are cavemen, hackers can easily get their demands met if they threaten a cyber attack.
by Cubs1969 December 19, 2014
the act of picking up a female (either a piggy back or fireman's lift) and running somewhere to have sex, grunting and swinging a club or beer bottle while you do it.
Yeah, I'm gonna caveman her over to the bushes behind the car park and smash that pasty
by jmz_901 July 04, 2011
When you and your girl friend are hanging out you hit her in the head and knock her out with a club like object and yell yabaa daaa baaa doooo then fuck her really hard so she cant walk for a day
me and your mom last night doin the cave man
by dewthedo22211 June 18, 2009
This is the plural of caveman, when a band of cavemen get together it can be called a mauling.

cavemen are called so because they have a vastly inferior intelect to other people and may look like they have just crawled out of a cave.
That caveman tried to eat my computer, but i got out the stunstick and put a beat down.

Cavemen may be found saying things like "uhhg" and "huuhuh"
by hex_ten January 29, 2006
Cave-Man is an sexual act done buy a male. To peform this act one must be nude and in a private place, then you would need to tuck you cock and balls or ball and hold your legs together so it looks like there is nothing there. The next step is to call a female (young girl, girl, landy or a old women) into the room, and when she sees you she should be willing to bed with you. its worked for the pasted 10,000 years so why stop now
randy: hey toby i got that bitch to come to the house last night

Toby: how did that go for you
Randy: no pussy
Toby: did you try the "cave man"
Randy wtf is a Cave-Man

Toby: its the only for sure way to get pussy, just tuck your dick and balls and hold your legs together and she will be dtf for sure
by 8th grade cave man January 12, 2011
When you see a chick so incredibly hot that you have the Neanderthal urge to hit her hard over the head, drag her away and make naughty caveman sex.
Guy1: Oh man look at that chick!
Guy2: Holy shit, I would caveman the fuck out of her...
Guy1: Hell ya!
by Pokemonliveinmybutt July 03, 2009
If your friend fills all the below criteria he could well be a caveman. He may only use the name caveman if:

He is tall man with long hair a moustache and a bit of a beard, who's real initials are usually R O.

He is often compared to Jay off the inbetweeners.

He enjoys listening to a wide variety of music and has a love for Johnny Cash.

He often wares a 36 crazyfists t shirt.

He likes to whip his hair back and forth.

He enjoys the occasional alcohol beverage.

His mothers name begins with a T.

He often uses vile and insulting language.
yo guys did you see caveman head bang last night his hair knocked someones eye out.

i fingered a dutch girl and she shit down my arm.
by hellohelloehloo January 30, 2011
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