(In reference to a sexual act) When you are having sex in a doggy position and grab a hand full of hair to arouse your partner and declare dominance. Then immediately push your hand forward to force your partners head into the bed and begin furiously banging away like a caveman. Grunting is acceptable during this act, as it further supports your dominance.
"Dude, last night Nathan totally cavemaned that swamp donkey!"

"Alicea thought she could control me, but i flipped that shit around and pulled a caveman on that hoe."

"I'm feeling all primal and shit, time to caveman some strange."
by psuedo_god January 30, 2008
when a guy fucks another guy in the butt and pulls his nuts away from him every thrust
billy was takin the cave man from conway and billy liked it
by masterPalexG May 18, 2009
Some may say obsessed workaholic, business empire builder that is ALWAYS in his office. May be surrounded by all forms of communication technology, but cannot be reached.
He’s in his cave building his empire, but eventually this caveman will call, pick-up the phone, email, text, send a letter or even be spotted on the town or in a community meeting or more rarely show up at someone’s doorstep.
by BrettTruett January 18, 2006
When a drunk girl or guy drags someone into the bathroom at a bar to make out / fuck / whatever. Usually in a seedy dive bar men's bathroom, where there's some chick in the background doing coke.
Girl #1: Dude, did you see Krista? She just totally pulled a caveman and dragged that dude in that bathroom.
Girl #2: Ew, I saw someone doing coke in there earlier.
by DDubsss September 25, 2010
A sex object to the ladies on Ebaums World Forums. He lives in a cave and pleasures the women in it.
Star, Zeph, Sick, and Cat were all fucked by the Caveman last night, and they will come back for more.
by Man living in a cave. August 23, 2004
a term to define the point in which the face starts to eat the nose, creating the image of a caveman.
wow, Joe must be the missing link, did you see that caveman!
by wohah July 19, 2003
A ladies dress held up by only one shoulder strap. The dress resembles that which a caveman might wear, and has a negative connotation.
A daughter asks her mom, "Does this dress look good to wear tonight?"
Her mom replies, "Ewww... You're going to wear a caveman?"
by ucsusan May 21, 2010

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