A guy or girl that has way too much hair! Any hair...and everywhere! also can describe a woman who is manly and much too muscular!
Guy 1- "Dang! Look at that caveman!"
Guy 2- "She needs to freaking shave! Look at that back hair!"
by Samily April 12, 2008
To Beat Someone To Death With A Rocket Launcher In The Halo Series

Favoured By Gunn
Bartaci: Maaaate...
Gunn: Oh No You Dont CAVEMAN!
by Gunntesticle September 16, 2007
Its where stoned people think batman lives
Wow look man its batman and robin and their heading for his caveman
by pete March 03, 2004
dude found everyware in kitchener but usually downtown with dreads and a black paint stained coat. severe drinking problem. wicked with the guitar and lots of other shyt
caveman, give me back my wallet
by jay November 09, 2003
Taliban muslim living in caves, both physically and figuratively.
I like that we are bombing those cavemen terrorist scumbags.


These cavemen are so backwards, they want to punish you for shaving!
by steaks December 15, 2003
1) a title given to one who is insanely hairy, has incredible brute strength, sexy in a savage way, sweats a lot, and who's age can't be determined without asking the individual.

2) someone who frequently makes cave-paintings and eats like michael phelps.

3) is either not smart (like a caveman) OR, is INSANELY smart because the person is a caveman and has been alive since dinosaur-times.

4) has a pet that has been extinct for at least one-hundred years.
"hey look it's caveman! Did you know that that hairy beast invented the wheel?"
by keeper of the caveman November 18, 2009
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