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a caveman is a gangasta
lil wayne is a caveman
by drew352 May 18, 2009
2 9
An unruly savage bitch who everyone fucking hates; usually travel in packs and normally have no friends. Male Cavemen tend to eat in disgustingly large amounts while the female Cavemen are usually sluts and are unbeknown to the fact that they are extremely disliked
Joe : Do you see that girl over there trying to fit in with the cheerleaders?

Evan : Yeah, dude. I can't believe she doesn't know everyone calls her a caveman
by Killa Mix Masta April 23, 2009
37 44
A guy or girl that has way too much hair! Any hair...and everywhere! also can describe a woman who is manly and much too muscular!
Guy 1- "Dang! Look at that caveman!"
Guy 2- "She needs to freaking shave! Look at that back hair!"
by Samily April 12, 2008
11 18
the man whos the biggest in the room and makes ya'll so damn jelous
krunk has the biggest caveman dick in the class
by J R H April 30, 2007
8 15
A caveman is just like a donkey punch except you use a club instead of your fist.

See Donkey Punch for info.
Dude I totally gave your mom a caveman last night.
by RayRay/3van November 02, 2006
20 27
dude found everyware in kitchener but usually downtown with dreads and a black paint stained coat. severe drinking problem. wicked with the guitar and lots of other shyt
caveman, give me back my wallet
by jay November 09, 2003
14 21
A homeless man who walks the streets in Kitchener, Ontario (particularly King street) who has long dread locks and a prominent brow. This man may have a drinking problem and positive skills with a HAM radio
There's Caveman, he seems to be resting on the stoop of our building once again. How pungent
by T Diddy August 10, 2003
14 21